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"...completely terrifying, but kind of awesome."

come cry with me


The cast of ‘The Maze Runner’ appears on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show


The Flash: DC Hero Profiles! In anticipation of the fast-approaching show on the CW Network… long live the scarlet speedster! May the Speed Force be with you.

p r o f o u n d   b o n d ;  a Dean/Cas anniversary mix
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This is why they left him in Hell


This is what I do:

  1. I observe everything.
  2. From what I observe, I deduce everything.
  3. When I’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how mad it might seem, must be the truth.

If you need assistance, contact me and we’ll discuss its potential. [x]

Café Kiss, by Ron Hicks

History became legend, legend became myth.

Daniel Sharman - Comic Con 2013


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